Oil Refining
The Group understands the value of liquid gold and is committed to itís mission of value addition, best possible use and bringing about yet another green revolution, reducing environmental pollution arising out of hazardous pollutants. The process responds to the tri-partite challenge of resource conservation, cost efficiency and environmental protection.

In pursuit of our mission we have set up a state of the art integrated distillation facility for:
Gas Oil
Industrial Solvents
White Spirit
Specialty Oil/Solvents
Light Oil & Fuel from Heavy Oil

The company has a state-of-the art plant for Fractional Distillation of Hydrocarbon in Sharjah, UAE. Presently the plant runs at a capacity of 1,080,000mt per annum and the implementation of 300,000mt per annum capacity is in the pipeline. The process is fully automated and controlled by PLC through SCADA. The project also houses an integrated storage facility for liquid petroleum products directly connected to the port to enable the handling of bulk liquid.